Yeet in and hodl. YEET trading burns YEET with no controller stop of the burn consistently yeeting the total 21 trillion supply automatically down until only 21,000,000 (21 million) Yeetcoin are left in existence. $YEET is nostalgic to the same total maximum supply of the genesis king coin of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, BITCOIN (BTC).

Helping solve providing safe experiences for web2, web3 and web5 explorers is what inspired to build and deliver competently Proof Of Yeet project and ecosystem… These aspects along with Proof Of Yeet Games Game within the Proof Of Yeet Genesis journey, helped us select Yeet as our name brand, pledge and anthem.

Yeetcoin Analytics

Trade Yeetcoin On PanCakeSwap!

Yeet! or be Yeeted!

Trade/Acquire Yeetcoin by clicking the "Trade/Aquire Yeetcoin" button above.
Burned YEET
Unburned YEET

Yeetoshi Mining Machina

Mint and Stake Yeetoshi to earn Proof of Yeet (POY)

Mine and obtain Proof Of Yeet (POY)

Yeetoshi to POY is a bonding bridge to Yeetcoin and the ecosystems brand IP immersion. Yeetoshi is also for GameFi utlility!.
Mined Yeetoshi
Unmined Yeetoshi
Proof Of Yeet (PO)

Yeetoshi : POY LP

Yeetoshi:POY LP on PancakeSwap.

Stake Yeetoshi to POY and Earn

Stake Yeetoshi to POY and receive passive compounding Yeetoshi and POY stake.
Circulating POY
Uncirculating POY
Proof Of Yeet (PO)

Yeetoshi Discord Mine

Mine Discord Yeetoshi

Enter the Blue Chip Club discord Yeetoshi mine to begin earning Yeetcoin.

Earn Yeetcoin by clicking the "Yeetoshi Discord Mine" button above.
$YEET Member Count
Total Member Count

Proof Of Yeet Social

Earn Yeetcoin

Join Proof Of Yeet Economy in Blue Chip Club's Discord to earn Yeetcoin.

Social farm (earn) Yeetcoin by clicking the "Proof Of Yeet Social" button above.
Earned Yeetcoin
Total Yeetcoin Supply

The DeFi project with transparent longterm protocols of user retention and growth

As the YEET community grows and transacts, Yeetcoin BEP20 will reach its minimum longterm 21 million total supply sooner than later, upon which at such a time all YEET coin burns will cease permanently and will be migrated fully into renunciation with burn functions percentage rates zeroed out.

YEET Protocol

$StableYEET (YUSD) BEP2!

-A coin is not just enough these days!

-A stable coin is where its at for many yeeting reasons!

-YUSD BEP2 Succeeds these reason!

YUSD will serve to create a stable backed entrance of BEP8 YEET if feasibgle for Yeetcoin to scale to BEP8 on Binance main chain into a secure holding vehicle to help lock in value against the volatile marketplace of cryptocurrency. YUSD also aims to succeed central exchange pairing to a basket of currencies as well as among secure dex protocols paired to BNB, USDC, and many leading main chain smart contract BEP8 and BEP2 tokens like Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

Stableyeet (YUSD) is pegged 1:1 alike to any stable coin, yet only issued back to back with stable coins alike to USDC.

YUSD protocol if wondering why have a stable coin, is meant as a competent right time of launch protocol of safety for our own self sufficient dex “YeetSwap.” Yeetcoin LP migration into YeetSwap pairing with YUSD helps strengthen our self sufficient ecosystem, but mainly is to secure Proof of Reserve behind everything that we do in transparency. YeetSwap will have its own issuance of read through and landing page. We have already tested fork builds in beginning of PancakeSwap. Will see what we can innovate for our own ecosystems reward and benefit of participation.

StableYEET (YUSD) Protocol
Binance Academy

How to Get Started with Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been booming with activity. Ranging from token swaps to decentralized money markets and cute NFTs, there are many options to earn yield or simply to have fun.

But what do you need to get started, and how do you do it? We’ll go through it all in this article. 

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

6 minutes

Binance Academy

What Are BEP-20 Smart Contract Tokens?

BEP-20 is a token standard on Binance Smart Chain that extends ERC-20, the most common Ethereum token standard. Think of it as a blueprint for tokens that defines how they can be spent, who can spend them, and other rules for their usage.

Due to similarity to Binance Chain’s BEP-2 and Ethereum’s ERC-20, it’s compatible with both.

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

3 minutes

Binance Academy

What Are Liquidity Pools in DeFi and How Do They Work?

Liquidity pools are one of the foundations of the current DeFi ecosystem. LPs are an essential part of borrow-lend protocols, blockchain gaming, etc. – the list goes on.
In basic LPs are funds thrown together into a big digital pile. Begin this course to learn more about DeFi and Liquidity Pools.

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

7 minutes

Binance Academy

A Guide to PancakeSwap

Another food-themed DeFi protocol? You know it. PancakeSwap is a Binance Smart Chain-based DEX launched by anonymous devs with a penchant for breakfast foods and rabbits.

It looks a bit like Ethereum’s SushiSwap (community governance, the ability to farm liquidity provider tokens), but also incorporates many other features that let you earn rewards.

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

6 minutes

Binance Academy

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

MetaMask can be downloaded on Chrome and Firefox, or on iOS and Android if you’re a mobile user. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ll use the Firefox version, but the instructions will be more or less the same for every platform.

Firstly, you’ll want to head over to the MetaMask Download page. From there, select whichever platform you’re using, and follow the steps to install it on your device. Easy!

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

4 minutes

Binance Academy

How to Spot Scams in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

As more people get interested in the fascinating financial innovations made possible by DeFi, scammers are finding more ways to take advantage of them.
Anyone can launch scammy or misleading projects, and there’s nothing there to stop them. Well, technically, not nothing – we, as a community, can help each other identify some common patterns that separate the legitimate innovations from the misleading scrap.

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

6 minutes

Binance Academy

What Is Trust Wallet?

As more people use cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications, it’s more important than ever to have a simple and robust way to access them.

Whether you’re interested in investing, making payments, or using DApps, having many solutions for different activities can get very inconvenient very fast. That’s where easy-to-use, all-in-one packages like Trust Wallet can help.

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

2 minutes

Binance Academy

What Are Wrapped Tokens?

A wrapped token is a cryptocurrency token pegged to the value of another crypto.It’s called a wrapped token because the original asset is put in a wrapper, a kind of digital vault that allows the wrapped version to be created on another blockchain.

What’s the point? Well, different blockchains offer different functionality. With wrapped tokens, there can be more bridges between different blockchains.

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

5 minutes

Binance Academy

Top 3 NFT Projects on Binance Smart Chain

The demand for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) keeps growing on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The blockchain’s speed and low transaction fees make it very attractive for both users and developers.
On BSC, Battle Pets, PancakeSwap, and BakerySwap have all pushed further the limits of what an NFT can do. Both Battle Pets and BakerySwap combine collectibles with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) staking for their tokens. PancakeSwap is also experimenting with NFTs that merge collectability, financial utility, and gamification.

Estimated Time To Complete Course:

5 minutes

Key Features


The BSC fees are very low, but if you try to send tokens without BNB in your account, the network will notify you that you have insufficient funds. Make sure you keep some extra BNB in your wallet to pay for your transaction fees.

Learn More

YEET Transparency

Yeetcoin (YEET)’s Open-source smart contract ensures fair and transparent code-set and developer commits.

Open communication and listening is key for success as a community.

DEX Exchange Inc. GitHub

Yeet Or Be Yeeted

Paying tax can make some grumpy, but the point is that it helps the overall economy of things. Yeetcoin is designed the same way for being a yeeter of YEET or yeeting your supply of YEET with an exit toll tax that distributes to all remaining yeeters yeeting YEET.

No middle yeetmen

Immediate funding without third-parties. Smart contracts autonomously perform funding – collect and release payments.

Access liquidity securely and fairly without being stuck in small non-liquid exchanges where your buy or sell order never go’s through.

Yeeting burns YEET

Yeetcoin (YEET) fee structure that is based on the ppm multiplier of 1000 so the tax fee 10 means 1% of buy transactions from the lp is burned, 1% is spread back into the LP on sell 1% burns, 1% spreads back to LP, 1% distributes to the project wallet for when people yeet(leave) as a tip going out the door for project team works.


$YEET Verified Smart Contract


When exchanges list auto defi designed tokens they are inherently trading burn free free for trading outside of the lp via their hot and cold wallets. To combat this possible 51% attack on the Yeetcoin network burn, $YEET smart contract logics have within the contract function features, the ability to point the contract at the exchanges hot wallet and set the buy and sell tax fee specific to that hot wallet to burn 1% and spread 1% tax back as well.

Learn More

The YEET Pledge Of Transparency

DEX Exchange Inc. is the parent S-Corp behind Yeetcoin (YEET)’s DeFi project and pledges to not short or rug pull any market pairings and expanding BNB to YEET assets from any exchanges or dex swap platforms that have listed Yeetcoin (YEET) as well as from the BNB:YEET PancakeSwap LP (Liquidity Pool).

  • How Does This Help YEET Longterm?
  • Longterm market valuation retention towards speculative growth.
  • Transparent entity and developer team backing
  • Community led DeFi that rules out bad actors and abusive wallets

SAFU Technology

“SAFU” means “Secure Asset Fund for Users”

Using a blockchain is cryptographically secure – the ledger is distributed across all nodes in the system making hacking near impossible. All of the solidity smart contract code used for the Yeetcoin (YEET) and vault account is custom built by our developer team with certain standardized yield farming solidity functions among BEP20 smart contracts. Our contract will be having a full audit performed in the near future and updated here.

YEET’s overseeing authority is the DEX Exchange Inc s-corp and community of holders yet DEX Exchange Inc is carefully networking the supply into the general publics hands alike to how Bitcoin is mined and distributed at a retail type standpoint among global cryptocurrency exchanges. The YEET DeFi network will not be distorted or manipulated by a single controlling authority and DEX Exchange Inc as U.S. based s-corp has a strict standard of transparency and regulated approach of operation in line with laws and regulations.

DEX Exchange Inc has a registered account for filing via the SEC Edgar Filer and retains a CIK Number for such filings. Yeetcoin (YEET) is filed as a Form D exemption of security offering and will be amended accordingly longterm through the SEC.

  • Secure and audited solidity smart contract code sets
  • S-Corp parent entity carefully networking YEET into circulation
  • DeFi with transparency and regulatory guidelines applied

YEETCOIN YEET's Implemented Technologies

YEET Burn Overview

Yeetcoin  (YEET) will continuously burn bringing the total supply down to only 21 million circulation. It is most likely upon this time that Yeetcoin (YEET) will be native among multiple blockchains and upon the Binance MainNet Blockchain, yet still only 21 million minimum cap supply will be protocol among total cross-chain supplies.

  • PancakeSwap YEET To Burn
  • Automated Smart Contract
  • YEET Burns Increase Scarcity
  • Eventual Cross Chain Bridging

Longterm Protocol

Bitcoin is mined via power intensive equipment to obtain new Bitcoin into circulation until its total 21 million supply cap is met. Yeetcoin burns through a power intensive user base and social community until its 21 million deflationary minimum supply cap is met. A truly organic and carbon-neutral cryptocurrency to help offset the global carbon footprint.

  • YEET = BTC's Supply Protocol
  • No team YEET allocations.
  • Multi-Sig Storage Of YEET
  • No YEET Tax Rate Changes

Social money intiative

Yeetcoin (YEET) is designed ultimately as a fun and powerful meme coin and social money for the YEET ecosystem. $YEET’s DeFi protocol with use case and utility  is easily integrative  for expanses as payment settlement of goods and services, events and as reward entrance of incentive for holding longterm YEET against those exiting out of their YEET holdings.

  • Transparent Transactions
  • Community = Funds SAFU
  • Socially Driven Initiative
  • Earn 5% YEET From YEETERS

Bitcoin - Yeetcoin pair

The launch of Wrapped Bitcoin $WTBC and $YEET pair LP will take place while adjacently Yeetcoin is focused on factoring in expanse of market exchange availability paired with Bitcoin, USDC and BNB on liquid and secure central cryptocurrency exchanges. But wont outside of LP trading cease Yeetcoin burning? Yeet No! Hard coded into Yeetcoin’s solidity smart contract is the ability for point the $YEET at any exchanges cold and or hot wallet address(es) utilized for maker and taker market making transactions to set the same specific 1% burn rate per buy and sell transaction transfer.

  • Proof Of Yeet (POY) Protocol
  • YEET : BTC Pairing Focus
  • Careful Exchange Listing
  • Expand Protocol & Retention Of Burn

Famous Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Quotes

  • Ben Bernanke
    Chairman of the Federal Reserve

    “[Virtual currencies] may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient payment system.”

  • Bill Gates
    Co-founder of Microsoft, Investor, and Philanthropist

    “Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.”

  • David Marcus
    CEO of Paypal

    “I really like Bitcoin. I own Bitcoins. It’s a store of value, a distributed ledger. It’s also a good investment vehicle if you have an appetite for risk. But it won’t be a currency until volatility slows down.”

  • Eric Schmidt
    CEO of Google

    “Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement, and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value”


View the progresses and updated YEET analytics and data


PancakeSwap LP trading enables YEET Yield Farming!

PancakeSwap LP trading burns YEET!

Begin farming Yeetcoin in the social mines of the Blue Chip Club:

Enter The Yeetcoin Mine.

YEET Scaling Protocol

YEET BEP20 will remain as an LP upon PancakeSwap V2 for the “YEET Or Be YEETED” Yield Farming.

YEET yield farming both distributes YEET to longterm stake cake lp holders and burns YEET from those whom yeet their YEET holdings.

YEET and overhead BNB float is kept secure in a Binance Gnosis Multi-Sig wallet.

YEET BEP20 will bridge into a standard BEP8 via the Binance MainChain with certain smart contract function features like storing securely BNB within the YEET BEP8 contract directly with a minting/burning function with Multi-Sig protection.

YEET BEP8 will then scale to back its value to “StableYeet (YUSD)” as a BEP2 pegged to the $1 USD value also with Multi-Sig protection.

YEET is not just a meme-coin. YEET aims to grow as a strong market stable asset-class with multiple use-cases with scaling utility.

YEET’s core team is focused on growing trust with its community of holders and users longterm by not owning or dumping YEET yields ever.

Global cryptocurrency exchange listings of the bridged YEET BEP8 to grow liquidity and access to YEET via pairing to top marketplace performing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binancecoin, Dogecoin, USDT, USDC and more if deemed necessary.

YEET BEP8 bridged smart contract connected to the YEET BEP20 DeFi smart contract will also look towards Binance MainNet DEX listings paired to MainNet BNB and the BUSD Stablecoin.

YEET’s scalings are carefully structured to succeed longterm retention.

The YEETER's Roadmap

YEETCOIN (YEET) progresses and development timeline
All new or in between native longterm roadmap events will be updated here

Yeetcoin Concept Development

April 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) Smart Contract Deployment

April 2021

Yeetcoin Multi-Signature Contract Wallet Creation

April 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) Website Buildout

April 2021

YEET Social Media And Community Groups Creation

April 2021

YEET Executive Whitepaper Issuances and Amendments

April 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) Binance Gnosis Multi-Sig PreSale

June 30th - July 3rd 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) DXSale Final Stage PreSale

July 4th - July 5th 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) PancakeSwap Trading Begins

July 5th 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) Scales To V2

Q1 2023

Yeetcoin Social Mining and Staking Campaign Begins

Q1 2023
April 2021

Yeetcoin Concept Development

Yeetcoin (YEET) concept planning and structuring began in early April 2021.

Such planning and structuring events were:

  • -Naming and branding the project.
  • -Reviewing Binance Smart Chain and technical documentations.
  • -Securing server-space for developer site packages and utilities.
  • -Securing https://yeetcoin.crypto specialized NFT domain via UnstoppableDomains.
  • -Securing contract code forks and in-house developer reviews of the solidity code-set of functions and features.
  • -Testing LP pairing and trading of test YEET.
  • -Securing a Binance Gnosis Multi-Sig wallet to securely store Yeetcoin (YEET) BEP20 and SmartChain BNB.
  • -Review: Gnosis Multi-Sig for YEET presale offering and preparing SEC YEET initial offering filings.
  • -Executive whitepaper begins organization and structuring.
April 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) Smart Contract Deployment

Yeetcoin (YEET) solidity smart contract organized and safely deployed upon the Binance Smart Chain out of testnet testing.

Such deployment and further testing events were:

  • -YEET Smart contract deployment via the Remix compiler environment.
  • -Review and testing of the Smart Chain deployed YEET smart contract's solidity functions and features.
  • -DEX Exchange Inc. developer and advisory team meetings and discussions surrounding around YEETs smart contract code-set of functions and features.
  • -PancakeSwap LP approval and test yield farm trading between secured test wallets.
  • -YEET smart contract audit organization and planning.
  • -YEET continuation of in-house developer and advisory team reviews and discussions.
April 2021

Yeetcoin Multi-Signature Contract Wallet Creation

Yeetcoin  (YEET) solidity smart contract further organized and safely stored into a Multi-Sig Smart Contract Wallet

Such organization and multi-sig securing included:

  • -YEET smart contract further reviews and enabling of Binance Gnosis Multi-Sig wallet.
  • -YEET total supply send into the DEX Exchange Inc. Gnosis Multi-Sig wallet address.
  • -YEET test sending out and back into multi-sig wallet encryption for security testing reasons.
  • -YEET continuation of in-house developer and advisory team reviews and discussions.
April 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) Website Buildout

Yeetcoin (YEET) website organization and planning towards buildout.

Such organization and website buildout works included:

  • - domain registration.
  • -YEET official website environment staged and implemented towards buildout.
  • -YEET official website security hardening against malware and DDOS attacks.
  • -YEET official website buildout and designing/styling completion.
  • -YEET official website finalized walkthrough prior to pairing to domain to its FTP domain.
April 2021

YEET Social Media And Community Channel Groups Creation

Yeetcoin (YEET) social media accounts and community channels created.

Such social media and community channel groups created include:

  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) Twitter account created.
  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) Telegram community supergroup channel created.
  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) Discord community channel category and role created in Matrix Gaming IT's official discord server.
  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) TikTok community events incentives organized.
  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) YouTube community events incentives organized.
  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) GleamIO community events incentives organized.
April 2021

YEET Executive Whitepaper Issuances and Amendments

Yeetcoin (YEET) Executive Whitepaper V1 Issuance.

Such executive whitepaper works and issuances include:

  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) Whitepaper organization and revisions completed.
  • -Issuance of Whitepaper for public viewing enacted.
  • -Beginning stages of Yeetcoin (YEET) Whitepaper amendments begin for V2 public issuance.
  • -V2 Whitepaper Amendments (Completed).
  • -V3 Whitepaper Amendments (Preparing).
June 30th - July 3rd 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) Binance Gnosis Multi-Sig PreSale

Yeetcoin (YEET) Binance Gnosis Multi-Sig PreSale.

YEET Initial Offering Via PreSale Overview:

  • -YEET PreSale Capital Goals: 1 BNB Soft Cap. 2000 BNB Hard Cap.
  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) PreSale Offering: 200,000,000,000 BEP20 YEET.
  • -Offering will be performed in three Multi-Sig protected Phases.
  • -All un-bought (remaining YEET) after each pre-sale phase will be immediately burned forever.
  • -YEET Offering Phase One: 75,000,000,000 YEET Offering: 24 hours. Once the phase one timer completes the total YEET bought from sent in BNB will be allocated to a phase 1 multi-sig wallet (10% bonus YEET allocated to participant wallets with their regular YEET participation amounts upon completion of full presale from the phase 1 multi-sig protected wallet).
  • Any phase 1 un-bought/remaining YEET will then be burned prior to when the phase 2 YEET offering begins.

  • -YEET Offering Phase Two: 65,000,000,000 YEET Offering: 24 hours. Once the phase two timer completes the total YEET bought from sent in BNB will be allocated to a phase 2 multi-sig wallet (5% bonus YEET allocated to participant wallets with their regular YEET participation amounts upon completion of full presale from the phase 1 multi-sig protected wallet).
  • Any phase 2 un-bought/remaining YEET will then be burned prior to when the phase 3 YEET offering begins.

  • -YEET Offering Phase Two: 60,000,000,000 YEET Offering: 24 hours. Once the phase three timer completes the total YEET bought from sent in BNB will be allocated to a phase 3 multi-sig wallet (2.5% bonus YEET allocated to participant wallets with their regular YEET participation amounts upon completion of full presale from the phase 1 multi-sig protected wallet).
  • Any phase 3 un-bought/remaining YEET will then be burned ledgering the completion of the YEET PreSale Phases.

  • BNB capital raised amounts and outcomes will be updated here after each presale phases completes.
July 4th - July 5th 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) DXSale Final Stage PreSale

YEET Final Stage DXSale Offering Overview:

  • -YEET PreSale Capital Goals: 50 BNB Soft Cap. 100 BNB Hard Cap.
  • -Yeetcoin (YEET) PreSale Offering: 20,302,000,000 BEP20 YEET.
  • -Offering will be for 24 hours with 1% bonus (1 BNB = 101,000,000 Yeetcoin).
  • -All un-bought (remaining YEET) after each pre-sale phase will be immediately burned forever.
July 5th 2021

Yeetcoin (YEET) PancakeSwap Yield Farming and Trading Begins

Yeetcoin (YEET) PancakeSwap LP Migration.

YEET PancakeSwap LP Overview:

  • -YEET's BNB Capitals raised via Multi-Sig protected PreSale will all be allocated into YEET : BNB pairing LP upon PanCakeSwap via a pre approved LP for YEET with Smart Chain/Wrapped BNB (WBNB).
  • -YEET CoinmarketCap Listing.
  • -YEET CoinGecko Listing.
Q1 2023

Yeetcoin (YEET) Scales To V2

Yeetcoin (YEET) Scales To V2.

YEET V2 Scaling Overview:

  • -New solidity code structure enabling auto burning of trade transactions of Yeetcoin.
  • -This new genesis launch of our finalized code for Yeetcoin v2 is a success and live on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • -Migration of v1 Yeetcoin holders to burn v1 holdings as Proof Of Yeet (POY). This is the official bridge protocol for v2 snapshot of v1 holder burns for v2 airdrops. Ratio of bridge is 1:1 from v1 Yeetcoin to v2 Yeetcoin.
  • -If you are a v1 holder, there nothing more you need to do other than send your Yeetcoin v1 to the: Binance Smart Chain Burn Address
Q1 2023

Yeetcoin Social Mining and Staking Campaign Begins

Yeetcoin Social Mining and Staking Campaign Begins

Partnerships with alpha groups, daos, nft collectives, trade groups and gaming discord to integrate the social mining experience of organically bringing Yeetcoin circulation and staking into effect:

  • -Mining and holding is great but mining and staking with BNB in the official YEET:BNB LP on PancakeSwap enables you begin to passively earn from all trades of Yeetcoin activity. Those whom do not want to take the time for working the yeetcoin mines can simply buy from the yeeters staking yeetcoin to enter and participate in the yeetcoin ecosystem rewards and growth over the years to come while burning down to 21 million supply.
  • High quality Yeet brand merch, products and even organic supplementations are to come into the ecosystem.
  • At a certain time in the near coming future of a snapshot holders of 21 million Yeetcoin event will bring you as a 21 million Yeetcoin holder to a great reward possibly even a rare golden bounty reward for being a 21 million or more Yeetcoin holder. The test will come when the deep depths of the Yeetcoin mine are reached where holders will need to decide if to continue to hodl or utilize the Yeetcoin to unlock a treasure from the Grand Yeetcoin Vault.

Executive and Development Team


Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Developer

YEET DeFi Project Advisors and Partners


Read the full YEETCOIN (YEET) DeFi executive whitepaper. Amended versions will remain updated consistently here.

YEETCOIN (YEET) Exchange Listings

Current and secure exchange listings that are actively trading Yeetcoin.

YEET Integration Projects

This portfolio will expand upon the scaling use-case of YEET