YEETCOIN (YEET): Launching on Pancake Swap as LP trading begins upon DXSale PreSale Completion.

With YEETCOIN will launch its pairing trade with Smart Chain BNB (WBNB) upon completion of its DXSale PreSale round where the soft cap 1 BNB and hard cap 2000 BNB will begin.

The timer at the official site denotes the countdown until the DXSale PreSale begins, whereupon the timer will reset with how long is left to the YEET DXSale PreSale. The YEET DeFi project led in conjunction with DEX Exchange Inc will offer 200,000,000,000 (200 Billion) YEET BEP20 Smart Contract Tokens. 1 BNB will eqaul 100,000,000 (100 Million) YEET where a bonus 10% of 10,000,000 YEET will be allocated after the token sale conclusion to wallets of ledgered presale participants whom contribute 1 full BNB. Worry not as any BNB contributions towards obtaining YEETCOIN (YEET) will grant you 10% bonus as well which will allocate out to all wallets upon the presale conclusion. Upon PancakeSwap pairing and trading with BNB thereafter the DXSale YEET presale concludes the starting pairing to BNB will begin at 1 YEET BEP20 = 0.000000001 WBNB BEP20. All BNB raised during the YEET presale offering will be added in full into the YEETCOIN (YEET) LP pairing with BNB upon PancakeSwap. 

YEET will as well upon PancakeSwap pairing with BNB will begin networking and tracking upcoming progresses on the Binance NFT marketplace launch, as well as a variety of new upcoming projects native to the Binance Smart Chain towards the integration of YEET as payment settlement for NFTs and expanding pairing with Bitcoin at an eventual rate upon a secure global market cryptocurrency exchange.

Articles regarding YEETCOIN (YEET) news and upcoming scaling and progresses can be found via the official YEETCOIN (YEET) Twitter and on the official networked website at:

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