DEX Exchange Inc CEO and Yeetcoin creator


Kin is the CEO of DEX Exchange Inc.

Kin began his journey in research of solidity smart contracts via the Ethereum blockchain back in 2017 to 2018.

He began the DEX Exchange Inc S-Corporation based out of the United States back 2019 after becoming an SRC of the Tron Blockchain through a charitable initiative he designed. 

Kin was a marketing strategists and helped with project design input and testing for scaling BlockNationXYZ, a blockchain based metaverse land housed on the multi-billion dollar corporate operational blockchain Klaytn functional with the KLAY cryptocurrency. BlockNationXYZ was selected and awarded the Klaytn Horizon tier 3 award.

Further more Kin launched two other web and blockchain based ecosystems; “Crypto Cannabis Grow” and an esports gaming tournament creation engine and ecosystem that is currently being rebuilt for relaunch.

Crypto Cannabis Grow is a blockchain application for the licensed medical cannabis industry as a seed to sale ledgering system protocol that is connected and operational via the Tron Foundation main-net blockchain.

He continues to dev on the MILM – Mom I’d Like To Mint NFT project that is women lead and was noted in the Rolling Stone among Bored Ape Yacht Club and World Of Women.

Kin is the lead founder and creator of “Blue Chip Club” 888 NFT genesis DAO. He has strategically partnered and paired Blue Chip Club together with Yeetcoin intertwining each others ecosystems fluidly and competently.

Learn more and connect with Kin via his official Twitter and or LinkedIn.


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