E-Sports Gaming Ecosystem

Metarena ESports

YEET will be carefully integrated into the Metarena ecosystem for competitive video gaming as a utility of competition rewards to be won among esports gaming competitions created within the Metarena ecosystem. Also at an eventual rate of integrations YEET will be integrated into the Metarena esports commerce storefront to buy gaming gear, video games, gaming walkthrough guide books and will be paired together with Yeetcoin payment settlement gateway providers.

Currently Metarena’s ecosystem is upgrading with BattleRoyale integrative scaling to its tournaments engine for enabling battle royale type gaming competitions to be custom created by gamers and esports gaming organization. Stay tuned for this ecosystem launch!

Metarena's YEET utility integration

Social MoneyYEET

Payments: Metarena’s E-Sports Commerce Storefront integration of YEET as payment settlement utility.

Rewards: Metarena’s ecosystems tournaments engine will scale integration of YEET as a tournaments prize winning tokenized currency of prize among winning gamers and top winning esports gaming teams/organizations.

Social Money: YEET will be compatible among ecosystem members to transact their YEET together at an eventual scaled rate when ready so that gamers and content creators may utility and reward their gaming friends and or social/public followings with YEET as a social currency of transactional value.

  • Scaling YEET Usecase
  • Expanded marketplace YEET reach within the gaming industry
  • YEET value growth of users and use-case retention rates
  • Blockchain ledgering of who is transacting YEET and when/how

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